Ignition Repair & Replacement Service

Do You Need an Ignition Repair or Replacement Service in Salt Lake City? 

Then give A1 Locksmith a call! Ignition repair and replacements are just two of the many auto locksmith services we offer the drivers of Salt Lake City. We’re a trusted local locksmith providing the city with high quality, affordable services for their car’s locks and keys. We know our way around ignitions and can help you fix your ignition or set you up with a new one if need be. 

We work 24 hours, all around the clock, serving our customers with a smile and friendly attitude. We’re always available to take your emergency call or to schedule an ignition repair for the hour and location of your convenience. The best part of it all is that we come to YOU. You don’t have to drive to a dealership or private mechanic – you can simply call us and we’ll come complete the repair on the spot. 

Ignition Repair

If you have a problem with your ignition, you don’t have to call an expensive mechanic or dealership – you can actually call a professional locksmith. After all, most ignition problems have to do with the ignition lock cylinder itself, so it makes the most sense to call in a trained, professional lock expert – A1 Locksmith! Sometimes the repair is as simple as replacing a wire or small piece inside the lock cylinder. Sometimes it’s a bit more complicated than that, but rest assured that whatever the problem is, we’ve got the solution. If you’re having a problem inserting or turning the key, it’s possible for us to determine the problem and repair it in a quick, efficient manner. 

Ignition Replacement

Sometimes, a repair is not enough to get an ignition working again. There may be factors, such as a worn down lock cylinder or internal breakage that make a replacement necessary. While replacing the ignition is more expensive and more complicated than repairing it, you don’t have to worry when you call A1 Locksmith. Are prices for ignition replacement are still often lower than many of the dealerships and mechanics in town. What’s more, because we’ve trained and have years of experience working with ignition locks, we’ll be able to handle your replacement like the true professionals we are. 

Key - ignition - keys

Great question? The answer is simple: we’re the best option! You may think that you need to contact a dealership or mechanic but the truth is that that’s simply not necessary. We’ve got the expertise needed to handle all kinds of ignition repairs. On top of that, we can do what the mechanics and dealerships can’t – we can come to you! So you don’t need to drive somewhere for a repair (which can be dangerous if your ignition is faulty.) You can just give us a call and we can deliver on the spot service!

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your car getting damaged in the process. It’s true that ignitions are pretty intricate pieces of hardware. It’s only natural to worry about your locksmith technician being able to work with it safely and competently. At A1 Locksmith that’s not an issue. We’re committed to doing repairs and replacements safely, never harming your car in the process.

Call us now to ask about our ignition repair and replacement services: (385) 557 6648