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Keys, although most of the time crucially handy in our day to day lives, can sometimes become a real burden. If you have gone to turn your key in the lock and it has snapped while doing so, it can leave you in a real bind. Especially if the place you are trying to get in to is your home, business or even your car. 

Why Do Keys Snap In Locks? 

Unfortunately, and like a lot of things, keys can become weathered over time. Exposure to extreme heat or cold can weaken the keys and make them more susceptible to snapping. Not only, but continuous use can also weaken the metal of the key, meaning that, at its worse, it can snap in your lock as the pressure of turning becomes too much for it. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do is these types of situations to prevent the key from weakening, but keeping an eye out for the warning signs may help. If your key is catching in the lock and/or not turning properly, you should think about having your key replaced before the worst happens and it becomes broken in the lock. 

However, if this does happen, don’t panic! A1 Locksmith operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come out to your location and extract your key for you. 

Car Lockout - Key Extraction - Auto Locksmith

If your key has snapped in the ignition of your car, you’re probably wondering to yourself if the ignition itself will need replacing. This very much depends on how far the key has snapped inside the ignition cylinder. If it has broken nearer the top of the cylinder, then the chances that your ignition will need to be replaced are very small. Either way, we will arrive with all of the tools we need to extract your key for you, after which we will be able to determine if there is any lasting damage to your ignition cylinder. We were expertly skilled in this area, and will take every precaution to ensure no (further) damage is done to your ignition.
Once again, the time it will take to extract your key will very much depend on the type of breakage it is. If the key has snapped off at the tip, it will be a lot easier and quicker for the extraction to take place. If the key has snapped off further down, it runs the risk of being more difficult to extract, especially if it has broken off into numerous pieces. Fear not, though! A1 Locksmith are experts in the key extraction field, and will arrive with all the tools we need to have you back inside again, whether it’s your house, place of work, or car. We will never leave you stranded! What’s more, our prices are highly competitive and affordable. Great service, great prices – what more could you ask for?
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