Lock Installation Service

We’ve Got the Locks for You

Need new locks for your home or commercial space? A1 Locksmith offers lock installation services for any part of your home or building: front & back doors, windows, garage doors, mailboxes, sheds & storage facilities, safes, file cabinets, etc… If you want a lock on it, we’ll put it there! 

Choosing the Right Locks

The most important, but often hardest part of the lock installation process is choosing the right locks. You want your locks to be affordable, nice-looking, and above all – strong. You want to choose locks that meet the needs of your property. If you don’t know much about locking mechanisms and lock grades, you might not get exactly what you need. At A1, we know locks better than anyone and can help you get what you need. Whether you need commercial grade locks for your place of business or locks for your home that will meet residential security standards, we’ve got what you need. 

Lock and Deadbolt Grading System

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has designated 3 grades of lock and deadbolt which classify them according to their durability, strength, and quality. Locks have to undergo a series of tests in order to be classified. According to the level of security you want for your home or business, you can select locks from the following grades:

Grade 1

Grade 1 locks are the strongest, best, and most durable locks you can get. They offer the best level of security and protection against intrusion and theft. These locks meet even the strictest standards of commercial building security requirements, but can be used for homes via deadbolts. We recommend that you always use Grade 1 locks for your commercial space, as lesser quality locks may not meet the demands and requirements of your commercial security. We also recommend Grade 1 deadbolts for homeowners who want to really beef up their home security, as they provide the most resistance to intruders. 

Grade 2

Grade 2 locks are the next best option when it comes to lock quality. They will meet more lenient standards of commercial building security requirements, and they still surpass most security requirements for residential buildings. We recommend grade 2 locks most homeowners, as they will more than meet your needs for home and family security and are easy to install and maintain.

Grade 3

Grade 3 locks will meet most residential building requirements. However, they can not provide the kind of high-security protection that you get from grade 2 and grade 1 locks and deadbolts. We do not recommend them for homeowners who wish to go above and beyond in their home security. 

What to Consider When Installing New Locks

The Integrity of Your Doors

One important thing homeowners need to consider when installing new locks is the structural integrity of the doors. It can be worrying to see someone drilling holes into your door for a lock. However, if a new lock installation is performed by a professional locksmith, then your door shouldn’t suffer any unnecessary damage. At A1 Locksmith, we know what we’re doing and will get your locks installed while keeping your doors safe and unharmed.


The time it takes to install new locks can vary depending on a few different factors. First of all, the material that your door is made from can make an installation go slower or faster. Most homes have wooden doors, which tend to be easier and quicker to install locks on than steel doors, which are more common on commercial spaces. Secondly, another factor that influences the speediness of a lock installation is whether or not your door already has holes drilled into it for a lock. If it doesn’t, drilling the holes will require more time. Lastly, the kind of lock we install is a big factor. Installing simple knob latch bolt locks is a fairly quick process, while the installation of both a doorknob lock and a deadbolt takes more time. 

The Value of Your Property

When anyone, be it a homeowner, property manager, or business owner, wants to install new locks, it’s almost always because they recognize the value of their home or property. Your space is a valuable asset and investment. As such, your decisions regarding security should be based on the respect and concern you have for your property and everything (and everyone) that’s contained inside it. Locks play a vital role in security. You should choose the locks that are right for you with help from A1 – because we know just how valuable your property is and we want to help you take care of it. 

Why Install New Locks? 

That’s a great question! There are many reasons a home or business owner may want to consider installing new locks. The reasons vary from person to person and space to space, but the fact remains that installing new locks is always a good, vital step to take towards total security. Here are some common reasons our customers give us for wanting new locks:

New Lock Installation - Locksmith

Every building, whether it be a home, office, storefront or any other kind of commercial space, is required to have locks on their doors. It’s obvious why. However, there may be other places around your property that you need to secure, so installing a lock there is a great idea: windows, cabinets, garage doors, sheds, outside storage facilities, etc… If you want to install a lock, we can do it!
There’s a lot you have to consider when building a new home or commercial space. The checklist is huge and your door locks may be an afterthought. However, we recommend making the selection and installation of locks a big priority, as they’ll have a huge impact on the overall security of your property.
If you’ve been in your home or commercial space for years and have been thinking about making security upgrades, you may want to consider installing new locks. Lock and key hardware and technology has been improving quickly over the years, meaning there are a whole host of more durable and even high-tech locks available on the market. If you want to beef up the security of your property by making a small change, contact A1 Locksmith to see what kind of high-security locks we can install for you.
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