Lock Rekey Service 

Get Your Locks Rekeyed By One of Salt Lake City’s Premier Locksmiths

A lock rekey is just one of the many locksmith services A1 offers the home and business owners of Salt Lake City. We can rekey the locks at your home or at your commercial space and immediately boost the security. The process is quick and easy – we’re usually able to do it in a matter of just a few minutes. For those looking for a simple locksmith solution, you may consider getting your locks rekeyed. 

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Customers sometimes wonder: what does it mean to have your locks rekeyed? Well, that’s actually pretty easy to explain. Think of your locks like a puzzle, with pieces that all have to line up together. These pieces are called pins (or tumblers) and they all line up together when you stick your key in the lock in order to unlock the door. When we rekey your lock, we simply move these pieces around so that they align differently and require a new key in order to “solve” the puzzle (your lock.) There’s no need to change your locks, we just change them around a bit. You can keep your locks but you will need a new key!

If you’re confused by any part of the rekeying process, we will talk you through it as we work, answering all of your questions and addressing your concerns. 

A Small Service With a Big Effect

Rekeying your locks may be quick, simple, and cheap but there’s one other thing it is – effective! It’s a small change that makes for a pretty great security upgrade. Think about it – if you’ve moved into a new home or commercial space, you can’t be sure who might have a copy of the key to your home or building. If you want to make sure they can’t use their keys, but don’t want to change your locks entirely, rekeying them is a great option. You get to keep your existing locks, but all old keys will become obsolete (and those who might have them become locked out!) 

Lock Rekey Service - Locksmith

So, when might you want to think about getting your locks rekeyed? While we can complete this service at any time, these are some of the common reasons customers have for requesting a lock rekey:
Moving into a new, previously-owned home
Losing copies of your house key
Moving into a previously occupied commercial space
Giving out too many copies of your key
Recently laying off employee(s)
Keys have stopped working

If you’re managing several keys and locks, then it may serve you well to have a master key – a key that works in all of your locks. Indeed, master keys are vital for properties that require different keys for several areas: front doors, back doors, mailboxes, garages, windows, storage facilities, etc…
To make you a master key we’ll come out to your location and rekey your locks so that they can all be opened by the same master key. It’s easy for us to do and will simplify how you oversee and organize your home or commercial security.
Call A1 Locksmith to ask about rekeying your locks: (385) 557 6648